Oh, hello there

How lovely to see you. My name is Hadley Freeman and this, this grandly designed page you see before you, is my blog. But it’s not really going to be a blog. No, this is a film club or, to be more specific, an 80s film club. You see, I have a serious problem and that is I am completely obsessed with movies from the 1980s. This is partly due to sentiment, sure, but seeing as I was only 10 when that decade ended most of these movies didn’t come out during my formative or even during my barely sentient years. By rights, I should be writing a blog about movies that came out in the 90s but not even I can get soppy eyed about Green Card and Pretty Woman (truly, I was forced to mature in the Dark Ages.)

Yet for reasons that will be discussed over the coming weeks, I honestly believe that while the 80s may not have produced the best movies, or even the smartest movies, it is the decade that made the most fun movies, and that is why I love them. Genuinely fun movies are awesome and must and shall be celebrated.

Up until now my 80s film addiction has taken all manner of sad and twisted forms: dropping in superfluous quotes into newspaper articles from Ghostbusters that don’t even make any sense in the context; making friends stay up until 2am while I  regale them with my thesis about Michael Keaton’s career; prowling all manner of dodgy websites in the search for a copy of Adventures in Babystitting to download now, now, NOW. And I’ve gotten by on this. But I’ve increasingly been thinking that this is ridiculous, suffering alone like this. Instead, I shall foist my addiction onto other like minded souls and we can pool our 80s film geekiness together, discussing everything from the feminism of Heathers to the racism of Sixteen Candles, from the much missed presence of Rick Moranis to the all too ubiquitous presence of Andie Macdowell, from the incomprehensible immortality of Mannequin to the baffling lack of renown accorded to Young Sherlock Holmes. At last, my people, we shall come together.

So here’s how this will work: every Friday morning I will post a review of one film from the 1980s and all of us can discuss both the film and my review in the comments below over the next week. I will also put at the bottom of that review what next week’s film will be so everyone can watch that film over the week, ready to talk about it the following week. Obviously, it is not an obligation to watch the film or comment and everyone is more than free just to spectate. But I guarantee that watching the movies at least will make your life a happier experience. The first review will go up on Friday November 9 and it will be of Pretty in Pink. We will talk about the lesser known films of that decade, too, but my motto in life is, always start with the obvious.

Now, there will be technical glitches along the way – I can pretty much guarantee that. So I apologise in advance. At some point, I might even learn to post photos and videos on this thing, even.

Finally, life moves pretty fast. If you don’t stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it. Which basically means, you really ought to come back and join the 80s film club.


31 thoughts on “Oh, hello there

    • Definitely! You can’t talk about the 80s without Inigo Montoya (prepare to die.) Also – and I promise not to bang on about this all the time – the first thing I talk about in my new book (which is out next year) is The Princess Bride. So you’re in the right place.

      • Love Mandy Patinkin…even watching him in Homeland, I keep expecting him to throw in the 6 fingered man speech.

  1. Hey Hadders. Can I put an early request in for your take on 9-5. Would be a great excuse to watch it all over again. Thank you lovely, Rx

    • I remember those films! Gung Ho – classic Ron Howard, and I can even picture the poster for Mr Mom in my head. We might do a whole Ron Howard week. I quite like the idea of themed weeks.

  2. I’m in and on board with Young Sherlock Holmes and (in a 35 feet long twinkie way) Ghostbusters.

    Might I also suggest that there’s space to appreciate the 80s action movie? I’m thinking Rocky 3 and/or 4 and Predator.

    • Oh there is definitely space to appreciate the action movie. Action movies were a key genre in the 80s and the Rockys, the Lethal Weapons and the Die Hards are all great examples. Sci-fi also needs to get a look-in, with Terminator and Blade Runner being the most obvious examples.

  3. It’s probably too much to ask of any sane human, but the frothy ridiculousness of Susanna Hoffs’ “The Allnighter” (with her roommates Joan Cusack and a lesser-known Pfieffer sibling at a beachside university campus), embodies 80s films for me and is worth a spin.

  4. So sad to note Breaking Away was 1979. Perhaps an exception could be made to use it as a standard for comparison? The last gasp of spotty folk before
    the brats?

  5. If over-using Ghostbusters quotes is wrong, I don’t want to be right. But then I’m fuzzy on the whole good/bad thing.

  6. Don’t skimp on the Repo Man: strangely aryan special agents, the mystical world of Diuretix, generic food, Flight of the Valkryies and something troubling in the trunk

  7. You had me at Adventures In Babysitting. Looking forward to this as I did three years of a film degree and a dissertation (on John Hughes) HEAVILY using 80’s movies for coursework.

    Can i please suggest Fletch as a movie choice? Another vote for Summer School tool

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  9. Love it! My brother and I had a tradition when we were younger of watching three 80s movies in a night, accompanied by a different course (flight of the navigator with starter, main course served with gohstbusters and always finished with pecan pie and a classic such as breakfast club. . It totally totalled us (sorry.. Had to unleash that one somewhere)) since reading your book (my mum bought it for me as a cure for my depression after reading Nietzsche) I have to thank you with all my heart for introducing me to three amazing 80s films that I never saw before. Tootsie, sixteen candles and say anything. My life is enriched. As my brother once said in between the princess bride and back to the future “what I love about 80s films is that they feel so innocent and magical. Like Christmas”

  10. Hi, I think your site might be having browser compatibility issues.
    When I look at your blog site in Opera, it looks
    fine but when opening in Internet Explorer, it
    has some overlapping. I just wanted to give you a quick heads up!
    Other then that, amazing blog!

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