Hannah and her Sisters

Let’s get the sticky stuff out of the way first. Yes, it can feel pretty damn weird to watch a movie in Mia Farrow’s partner is cheating on her with one of her close female relatives. Then, like a gauche party guest who keeps repeating an awkward family story in the mistaken belief that their […]

Young Sherlock Holmes

Young Sherlock Holmes is such an excellent film and that is why watching it always makes me feel a little sad. This movie deserves to be more than the cult classic it has – at best – become and the young stars, all of whom are excellent in this, should have achieved a career boost […]

Pretty in Pink

Pretty in Pink is not my favourite 80s film – that accolade goes to Ghostbusters, which I wrote about last year for my paymaster general – but it is, to my mind, the most 80s film. Let us count the ways: most obviously, it is a teen film, one of the most 80s of film […]