Hello. This is the 1980s Film Club in which every week I review and we all talk about a 1980s movie, movie theme or key movie player. Really, can life get any better? The answer, of course, is no.

If you want to get in touch about the film club, leave a comment beneath a review. If you want to get in touch about, I don’t know, life in general, email me at hadley.freeman@guardian.co.uk. And if you’re just feeling a bit bored, go watch a 1980s film. I guarantee you will feel so much better.


17 thoughts on “About

  1. Hadley, I love this blog and I am a big fan of your writing in general. A little tragic perhaps to express this so publically but it’s done now (and at least you have the option to trash this comment if you so wish).

  2. Dear Hadley, I just want to thank you for your recent use of the “swivel-eyed” to describe others. And, “sandy sandwiches on rainswept beaches”… This is why your column is a bookmark button for me. Also, you don’t use an apostrophe anywhere near “80s”. Sincerely, Emily in Brooklyn (where they sell lots of “hero’s”)

  3. I’m with the English Gardener. I too love your writing AND films from the 80s. Oh god, I had to stop myself putting an apostophe there! So anyways, this is the perfect blog for me. I’m gonna download Say Anything right now, before I read any further tho. Btw I am STILL a little bit in love with Andrew Mcarthy. Can you do Mannequin at some point? πŸ™‚

  4. Hey Hadley,

    This feels a bit weird as I’ve never met you, but I just wanted to say that I think the threat you received on twitter is abhorrent. Whoever sent that is an absolute lowlife piece of shit.

    Hope you’re okay. There are plenty of lovely people in the world, it’s a shame there are also some dicks that have to ruin the party.

    Best wishes,


    P. S. Just discovered this website, I’m loving the 80s film club, good work!

  5. Hi,
    Every so often I like to pick an almost random topic and spend thirty five minutes surfing it with severe focus, following only the most interesting of links, a bit like internet autism. Today I picked “Pippa Middleton and PR disasters from 2011 to 2013” and started by googling “Pippa M waste of space” (the last time I did this I ended up reading the examiners report of a PhD thesis on Charlotte-Perkins Gilman). And so I arrived on your blog after the hubs of the Internet delivered me to your “Celebrate by Pippa Middleton – what insider tips does this celebrity sister have for us?” article.
    I wanted to say how enjoyable it was! Some of the the other articles I took in before getting to yours were perhaps more mocking, some were more scornful. But I found yours to be more cleverly crafted, sardonic, effortless and a joy to read.
    My 35 minutes are nearly up. I have never had a reason to specifically read the G – but perhaps I will look out for your articles in the future.
    Thanks, chris.

  6. Hi,

    just wanted to thank you for your wonnderful book “Be Awesome”. I wish I could have read it as a teenager, but it is still so useful in my twenties. Thank you fo never apologising for being a feminist or playing it down.
    (I love your writing style, you’re one of the funniest writers out there -especially liked that piece on BeyoncΓ©s Hair Cut πŸ™‚
    I could go on and on about how much I enjoyed BE AWESOME, how fun and inspiring and encouraging it was, but that would fill volumes, so I’m just going to say

    Thank you, Hadley, you’re awesome!

  7. Dear Hadley Freeman,

    I have recently been in touch with you (via e-mail) regarding an invitation from the Stedelijk Museum in Amsterdam. I hope you received this message in order, and look forward to your reply.

    Best wishes,
    Hendrik Folkerts
    (Curator, Stedelijk Museum)

  8. hi Hadley,

    I work on a BBC radio current affairs programme and would love to speak to you about it to see if youre interested in getting involved with it – please drop me an email with a contact email in it for you so that i can tell you more about it,
    Many thanks

  9. Dear Hadley, I would like to thank you for being one of the clearest thinkers and writers in the media. You’re the only Guardian writer I read every word of every column you write. Your mind and prose are both exemplary. Thank you.

  10. Hadley would you consider please chairing an event on Fashion inspired by Connect, sponsored by the Chief Rabbi and the Fashion Forum includes John Galliano and Nicole Farhi?

  11. I know it isn’t an eighties film, but what do you think about the film Sucker Punch? The more I see it, the more fascinating it seems – it reminds me of Psycho or Return to Oz. Do you think it has any credibility as a feminist film?

  12. Hey Hadley! Just wanted to say how much I love ‘Life moves pretty fast’ ! I share your 80’s movie obsession so it was wonderful to read the words of a true aficionado : ) For the record though I have to say I don’t agree with you on Mannequin…Andrew McCarthy at his sweetest, Kim Cattrall as the kooky muse and the wonderful Hollywood…What’s not to like?!! Add in the soundtrack and GW Bailey AND the wonderful Estelle Getty (plus James Spader too!) Still life would be dull if we all agreed on everything!!! Can’t wait for Life moves pretty fast part 2!!! : )

  13. Hi. I’m reading your book life moves pretty fast. I swear we should be friends. This is my teenage life on paper. Your insights are fabulous. And your humor is divine. I’m a psychotherapist on Long Island by and I’m thoroughly enjoying your book. I loooove that you met ferris picking up dog poop. Keep writing. You’re awesome. Xoxo

  14. Hi Hadley, I had a dream one night that a rowdy pub in Ireland was celebrating BLOOMSDAY.The juke box was playing a Warren Zevon song by that name.The lyrics were so clear and his voice so meaningful.Each verse dealt with a character in the book.The characters all came alive for the holiday.The next morning I thought,”Is Warren messing with me?” Very weird experience.GREAT article on Warren by the way.

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