Ferris Bueller’s Day Off

Hurrah, Ferris Bueller! The palette cleanser after last week’s Risky Business horror. While both films are about a boy in his senior year of high school, who lives in the Illinois suburbs, who’s left alone for a certain period of time by his parents and who thinks it’s an act of monstrous injustice that his […]

Risky Business

What a weird, extraordinary, unpleasant, amazing, baffling film Risky Business is. Unlike Back to the Future, say, or The Breakfast Club, Risky Business is an 80s teen movie that most people today know about, maybe even occasionally reference, but few actually watch out of fond sentiment. And when I went to see it last weekend […]

The Princess Bride

It is perhaps not entirely necessary to mention at this point that I watch a lot of 80s movies. It is probably equally superfluous to mention that I talk about 80s movies a lot. But in all my many years of watching and talking about 80s movies I have come across only one 80s movie […]

Hannah and her Sisters

Let’s get the sticky stuff out of the way first. Yes, it can feel pretty damn weird to watch a movie in Mia Farrow’s partner is cheating on her with one of her close female relatives. Then, like a gauche party guest who keeps repeating an awkward family story in the mistaken belief that their […]

Young Sherlock Holmes

Young Sherlock Holmes is such an excellent film and that is why watching it always makes me feel a little sad. This movie deserves to be more than the cult classic it has – at best – become and the young stars, all of whom are excellent in this, should have achieved a career boost […]

Pretty in Pink

Pretty in Pink is not my favourite 80s film – that accolade goes to Ghostbusters, which I wrote about last year for my paymaster general – but it is, to my mind, the most 80s film. Let us count the ways: most obviously, it is a teen film, one of the most 80s of film […]